If I start TRT, do I need to do it for the rest of my life?


Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is often prescribed to men who have low levels of testosterone, which can cause symptoms such as fatigue, decreased sex drive, and depression. The length of treatment with TRT will depend on the individual’s specific circumstances and the reason for starting the therapy.

For some men, TRT may be a lifelong treatment, particularly if their low testosterone levels are caused by a medical condition such as a genetic disorder or injury to the testes. For others, TRT may be used for a shorter period of time, such as to address symptoms caused by an underlying medical condition or as a temporary treatment for age-related declines in testosterone levels.

It’s important to note that TRT is not a permanent cure for low testosterone, and it may not be appropriate for everyone. TRT should be regularly monitored by a healthcare provider, and dosage and treatment plan should be adjusted as needed.

It’s also important to note that long-term use of TRT may be associated with an increased risk of certain health conditions such as prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease, so the decision to continue TRT should be made in consultation with a healthcare provider and reevaluated regularly.


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